About Us

Welcome to the Paris Smith Business Club.

 Having worked in the field of commercial litigation for over 25 years and acted for many businesses helping them to resolve their disputes, Peter Taylor, Head of Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation at Paris Smith solicitors wanted to develop a resource which assisted business owners and entrepreneurs to minimise the risks and cost of litigation. Litigation can serve, and frequently does serve as a major headache, drain on resources and distraction to businesses whether they are bringing the claim or defending it.

This aim could be achieved by assisting businesses with effective risk management – by keeping business owners and entrepreneurs informed of key developments in the law which create a potential risk for businesses and then analysing and prioritising that risk.

Peter and Sarah Wheadon, head of the Regulatory team at Paris Smith then set about developing the resource.

What we have today is not just an updating service nor a networking club. The Club comprises a range of elements from which businesses can choose to meet their individual needs at any point in time.

We provide:

  • Simply written updates on the latest legislation, judicial decisions & publications from a range of statutory and regulatory bodies.  We call them risk guides. Risks are highlighted by using a simple ‘traffic light’ system so that you can immediately identify the issues that require urgent attention. We also give you practical advice on the action you need to take to minimise the risk. We send a weekly e-mail setting out all the risk guides that have appeared during the past week, which means that you can filter what you need to know at that point – thus saving you more time;
  • Masterclasses on business risk issues. We really want to make these worth taking the time to attend, so we give great thought as to topics and speakers (and why not use it as a business development opportunity to invite someone with whom you want to improve business relations?):
  • On-line discussion forum, contributed to by lawyers from Paris Smith