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Complimentary Membership to the Paris Smith Business Club

When joining the Business Club you will get peace of mind.

We scour all of the courts for key judgments as well as keeping you up to date of relevant changes in legislation that will impact on your business. In today’s increasingly regulated business environment keeping track of the latest developments can be confusing and time consuming and we will do the work for you. Through our traffic light update service you will always have the most up to date and comprehensive information about the risks that could undermine your business.

We are excited to offer membership to the Business Club free of charge and we hope that this service will assist businesses and individuals alike in achieving success. Simply click the Join Us button below and enter your details for instant access to the latest guidance.

We do not seek to replace your current legal representatives but offer our experience and expertise to keep you up to date with everyday changes in legislation which may affect you. However, should you need further advice or information then the expertise of Paris Smith is always on hand if required.  

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