Hear from the Uber Gurus of employee engagement

Lime Wood Hotel

Lime Wood Hotel

 We are delighted to announce that we have secured the Uber Gurus of employee engagement, Chris Carey and Miles Henson.Chris has over 20 years of experience in employee engagement and is Managing Director of Axiom Communications Ltd.  Chris is also a former Management Development Manager at Kingfisher.

Miles is a communications and behavioural change specialist, with an ability to connect at all levels from the ‘coalface’ to the boardroom, helping organisations to better engage with their people and inspiring them to deliver better performances.

Employee engagement is not just an entertaining title: if you can unlock the passion of your staff and get them to apply more of their discretionary effort, then it’s not just a differentiator it genuinely taps into a resource that has the potential to grow and develop your business over the long term. It’s a case of moving the dial from thinking purely about extrinsic motivators to tapping into the drive and passion of all your people.

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